About the Rosenfeld Palace


Rosenfeld Palace is a new point on the cultural map of Žilina. Its main task is cultural and educational activities that are closely related to the city’s current events and also history. Since 2003, the palace passed to the city of Žilina. In 2009, Ministry of Culture declared Rosenfeld Palace a national cultural monument.

The basic program structure is composed of discussions (the format of Genius Loci discussions), lectures on topics related to the city and its surroundings (history and contemporary themes), concerts of serious and contemporary music, exhibition activities focused on design, typography and contemporary art. Main activities include also commented tours, creative workshops for children and adults and others.



Rosenfeld Palace was built according to the design of the architect Nicoletto Rauter in 1907. We don’t know much about Nicoletto Rauter, based on the Italian form of the first name Nicholas, we assume Italian origins. On the territory of the city of Žilina there are several of his works from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His most important work in Žilina is an urban palace for the Jewish financier Ignác Rosenfeld. This work representing a synthesis of decorativeness of the approved but fading historicism and the young incoming style – Art Nouveau. Rosenfeld palace is among the most important monuments built just after 1900 in the region of northwestern Slovakia. Formerly, this building was considered to be the most beautiful building in the town and also is one of the most beautiful Art – Nouveau monuments in Slovakia. Following the formation of the first Czechoslovak Republic, the building housed the Commercial Bank of Žilina. Thanks to renovation in 2015, Rosenfeld Palace begins to serve as a new cultural institution of the city of Žilina.



Part of the palace is Lida Mlich’s Bookbinding Manufactory. It is a unique manufactory with a long family tradition. This Bookbinding Manufactory was created on the basis of the work of artist Ján Vrtílek (1906-2000), the father of Lida Mlichova and member of the leading organization Meister der Einbandkunst based in Munich. Manufactory won many awards in Slovak and international competitions. Bookbinding tradition began in Žilina in 1928 when Ján Vrtílek arrived in Žilina. Today, his daughter, Lida Mlichová personally manage the manufactory.



Next part of the palace is permanent exhibition – Puppets in the attic.  Puppet theatre has a long and distinguished history in Slovakia. Follow our educational trail that maps the history of the oldest professional puppet theatre in Slovakia. The puppet theatre in Žilina was founded on 1. September 1950 by a group of enthusiasts led by the outstanding Žilina puppeteer Teodor Zvar. Žilina Puppet Theatre has staged 240 productions with over 13 400 performances for more than 3 million viewers in over 37 countries on 4 continents of the world. Discover a magical world with the unique permanent exhibition of puppets from Žilina Puppet Theathre. Follow a trail rich in history, get to know the different types of puppets, see what happens backstage or in a shadow play, pose for a photo as Pippi Longstocking, act out a drama or take control of a dragon and become a real puppet master.



Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 16.00

Sunday: only for organized groups of 10 and more visitors and it is neccessary to order in advice by phone / order at + 421 41 76 49 692, info@rosenfeldovpalac.sk



Monday – Friday: 9.30 – 15.30

Commented tours is for groups (min. 6 visitors). In this case is neccessary to order in advice.

The number of visitors per tour is limited to 20 people.

Sunday: only for organized groups of 10 and more visitors and it is neccessary to order in advice by phone / order at + 421 41 76 49 692, info@rosenfeldovpalac.sk


Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 16:00



Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 15.30

Sunday: only for organized groups of 10 and more visitors and it is neccessary to order in advice by phone / order at + 421 41 76 49 692, info@rosenfeldovpalac.sk


Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 16:00



It is neccessary to order in advice:  + 421 41 7649 692, info@rosenfeldovpalac.sk

The maximum number of visitors is 15.



Youth (up to 18 years) and their teachers, retirees and visitors with handicap – all free events

Commented tours – ROSENFELD´S PALACE: adult (1 €) / student (0,50 €)

Commented tours – PUPPETS IN THE ATTIC: adult  (3 €) / student (2 €)

Commented tours – LIDA MLICH’S BOOKBINDING MANUFACTORY: free entrance

Concerts, theatrical performances, movie projections: adult  (3 €) / student (2 €)

Lectures, discussions, exhibitions: free entrance



You can order your tours at:

+421 (0) 041 764 969 2

+421 (0) 907 845 567

info@rosenfeldovpalac.sk, info@tikzilina.eu


ADDRESS: Rosenfeldov palác, J. M. Hurbana 28, 010 01 Žilina

Tel: 041 764 969 2
E-mail: info@rosenfeldovpalac.sk



PROGRAM – February 2020


4.2  19:00 CONCERT / Musica Temporis 
Entry 3/2 €


5.2   18:00 MOVIE PROJECTION / Portrait of a Lady on Fire  (d. Céline Sciamma, 2019)
Entry 3/2 €


6.2   17:30 VERNISSAGE – Jožo Krakovský / Sám so sebou
Free entry.


28.1   17:00 LECTURE / Intorduction of Inclusive cinema / Júlia Švecová and Barbora Hreusová
Free entry


12.2  17:00 CONCERT / Guitar Marathon / Jaroslav Hell, Jana Kulkovská, Michal Hottmar, Peter Priečinský, Dominka Bahýlová, Slovak  Chamber Guitar Orchestra, Helena Kvočková, Jakub Kaprál etc.
Free entry.


15.2   10:00 INCLUSIVE CINEMA / Veľký zlý lišiak a iné príhody (d. Patrick ImbertBenjamin Renner, 2017)
Entry 3/2 €


15.2 14:00 FAMILY SATURDAY / Manufacture of Masks / For children and parents
Free entry


19.2   18:00 MOVIE PROJECTION / McQueen (d. Ian Bonhôte, Peter Ettedgui, 2018)
Entry 3/2 €


20.2   17:00 LECTURE / Annual Customs / Crazy Carnival / Katarína Nádaská
Free entry


25.2    16:00 WORKSHOP / Manufacture of photoalbum, Part II. / At Lida Mlich´s bookbinding workshop
Free entry


27.2   17:00 GENIUS LOCI / Model Club Žilina / Moderated discussion with guests: Peter Kačala, Jozef Maťaťa and Jozef Popradi. Moderator of the discussion is Martin Benikovský.
Free entry